LAN Parties, ND

DakRats.net was the website for the LAN Party club in Minot North Dakota that was active from 2001 through 2011. The site was originally run through the content management system (CMS) PHPNuke. In the later years it transitioned to Drupal as it's CMS. These CMS's were notorious for being hacked if not maintained with an aggressive level of patching. Since the group is defunct, and I have no time to manage site security updates, I have removed the CMS's and replaced it with a link to the Internet Archive so any past members that want to take a walk down memory lane may do so. I still have all the photos from the LAN's and will try to get those updated to the DakRats Google Plus site as soon as I can. 

DakRats.net at the Internet Archive - WayBackMachine

Thank you.

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May 29 2014